Apple Responds to Criticism, Releases Detailed Reports on Suppliers

Apple suppliers

For the first time in the Cupertin0-based company’s history, Apple has chosen to release reports detailing factories and working conditions at the locations. This is all in response to criticism over the conditions that factory employees reportedly face everyday.

According to the report, Apple found problems with employees working hours, overtime pay and the handling of hazardous waste. How bad is it? Only 38 percent of the time the the factories meet the company’s code of a maximum 60-hour work week. Other times they were exceeding that.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said to the Journal that Apple is aiming for transparency, and hopes that these efforts will help in “raising the bar” for the industry.

It’s definitely a step in helping improve working conditions at these factories. We obviously don’t know the whole story, but there have been many complaints about this in the past, and it seems to be a continued problem for employees at places like Foxconn. Let’s see if things improve over time.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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