Apple Stops iPhone 4S Sales in Mainland China

Beijing Apple Store

Apple has suspended iPhone 4S sales in mainland China. Things got a little dangerous Friday morning as an angry crowd began chucking eggs as the Beijing’s flagship Apple Store.

Apple released a statement today saying that they temporarily suspended sales of the handset for the safety of the customers and the employees. The iPhone 4S will continue to be available through their official carrier in China, Unicom, and other authorized resellers, but there is no timeframe for when Apple will once again begin selling the device.

China is pretty dang populated, so it’s no wonder that supply does not meet demand. Adding to the problem are that scalpers hire migrant workers to buy up tons of the handsets and sell them at much more than asking price.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that particular store has closed. Back in May, the store was closed temporarily because the iPad 2 launch became madness as well. It’s one of those weird situations. You have a bunch of anxious, frustrated people who are up all night waiting to buy their new device and when it doesn’t happen, someone gets mad. All it takes is a few disorderly people to start fighting and turn the scene into chaos.

[Via NYT]

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