Can Jailbreaking Your iPhone or Rooting Your Android Phone Soon Be Illegal?


Jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android phone is okay right now. However, according to reports, it could soon be illegal.

A couple years back, we heard that it was okay to jailbreak your iPhone. Of course, as we said, there are always a ton or rules and laws and loopholes that come with everything, so have fun with that. Anyway, it’s said that the exemption may run out for such devices.

The concern is that if this exception runs out, device makers can then be free to sue users for modifying devices. Remember the GeoHot Sony thing?

The EFF has a petition that can be signed for those who don’t believe that jailbreaking should be illegal. Check it out here and read more details: Electronic Frontier Foundation





While we’ve gone over all the reasons that jailbreaking being made legal wasn’t the biggest deal functionality-wise, it would still be nice to know that you’re not going to get locked up for downloading a few ROMs. Head over to the EFF to show your support on the petition to get the exemption extended, and expanded to tablets. [Charlie MillerEFFRedmond Pie viaTechmeme]

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