CES 2012: iCade Family Expands With iCade Mobile, iCade Jr. and iCade Core


Oh how we all love iCade. What started out as an April Fools’ joke has become a full-on  line of products for iOS devices. Ion Audio today announced the iCade Mobile, iCade Jr. and iCade Core at CES 2012.

First is the iCade Mobile. It’s pretty much what you may imagine. A handheld iCade. It’s designed for an iPhone or iPod touch and houses it like some fancy case or controller shell with buttons. It’s pictured above.

iCade Core is also pictured above. It’s basically the iCade without the cabinet. It works for all iOS devices thanks to the standard dock connector.

Finally, there is the iCade Jr., which is the iCade made for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s actually pretty friggin’ cute.

iCade Jr

Image credit: MacRumors

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