CES 2012: Some Cool iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Accessories from CES


The Consumer Electronics Show happens once a year in Las Vegas. It’s where major players in the tech business go to show off their latest toys and innovations. It’s a geek dream to walk those floors and check out all the cool stuff.

Many of the things shown off are accessories for iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories shown off at CES 2012.


1) Griffin Travel Accessories

Griffin travel

These are window mounts for iOS devices. They have a suction cup that allows the user to mount their iPhone or iPod touch on a smooth surface, such as glass. It’s convenient for not having to hold your device while driving whether you are talking, listening to music or using it to get directions while traveling through unknown territory. Link

2) ION Audio’s Road Rocker

Road Rocker

This is the Road Rocker. It’s a portable speaker for your iOS device or any other gadget that has Bluetooth functionality. We think it’s kind of cool because it reminds us of a mini guitar amp. Maybe it could rock for GarageBand for iOS? Oh yeah.

3) SOUL by Ludacris headphones

Soul by Ludacris

These headphones are designed by Ludacris for SOUL electronics. They’re shiny. They’re flashy. They will probably catch people’s eyes. They also make earbud models, which some may prefer, especially if you have a humongo head like myself and headphones tend to squeeze your poor soft head (as they do mine). Link

4) Qmadix Cases


You know what really sucks? Dropping a $200 (plus the cost of a contract. Or closer to $650 if you don’t want a contract) smartphone that’s made of glass on both sides. All you hear is a horrible crack or pop, and you know that it’s all over for your poor iPhone. Replacing that thing is going to cost you. You know what can save you that trouble? A $30 case. These cases range in price, but you can take a look at what’s available here.

5) Qmadix Bluetooth Speakers

qmadix Speakers

These are some simple, but nice looking Bluetooth speakers. They connect to any device that offers Bluetooth functionality, and will work at a range of up to 15 feet, according to Qmadix. They are lightweight, perfect for someone who wants to listen to music around the house. They go on sale April 1st for $139.99.

6) Clarus Headphones

Clarus headphones

Well this is a fancy set of headphones. It’s by MoshiAudio and they are called the Clarus headphones. Moshi claims that they are true audiophile headphones designed for listening to any style of music, such as jazz, rock, classical, acoustic and more. They look pretty cool, too.

7) Griffin iOS-Controlled Toys

Griffin toys

These are toys controlled by iOS devices. It’s interesting, and we always love things that make use of our iPhones and iPads to make for cool new experiences. One is a plush toy that’s accompanied by an app called Woogie. The device sits in the plush toy’s face and the screen changes to create many interactive faces for your new little stuffed friend. The other reminds us a bit of the AR Drone, which we saw years ago and fell in love with. It’s an RC helicopter, and it’s controlled with your Android or iOS device. Pretty cool if you ask us.

8) XtremeMac Tango TT Flexible Audio and Charging Dock

XtremeMac Tango Charging Dock

This device sounds different. We don’t know too much about it, but XtremeMac makes it and says that it has a “unique flexible” 30-pin dock connector that allows for your iOS device to be set in both landscape and portrait mode. It has a back support that allows for raising and lowering your devices as well, allowing for adjusted viewing angles.

9) XtremeMac InCharge Chargers


This is probably one of our favorite accessories on the list. It’s a multi charger for your iOS devices. While the duo is probably enough for most of us, it’s pretty cool that you can get a x3 and a  x5 version of the charging dock. You can plug in multiple iOS devices and charge them at the same time rather than have to plug in one at a time or find extra outlets or USB ports.

10) XtremeMac 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable

XtremeMac 3in1 USB Mobile Cable

This device is basically a battery pack that keeps your device charged in an emergency. Say you are out and about and don’t have a power supply handy. Plug your iPhone or iPad into this little guy and keep it charged. It has your regular device plugs: mini usb, micro usb and the standard iOS device 30-pin connector. It has a carabineer (or whatever those loop things are called) that allows you to clip it to your bag and keep it handy.

CES 2012

There is plenty to see at CES. These days, almost everyone is making accessories for iOS devices. They are popular and selling by the millions. We will probably only see more each year as CES comes and each year we will be around to check them out. Let us know if you found anything particularly awesome at the show and leave some comments if you wish.

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