Could the Next-Gen iPhone be Waterproof Like This One?

HZO is some serious stuff. You may remember something similar with that Liquipel stuff we saw last week. It’s the same concept. Smartphones are given some sort of treatment that makes them resistant to water. It’s basically a super-thin, unnoticeable coat that repels water.

The treatment literally seems to make gadgets waterproof. At least enough so that a smartphone can be dropped in a fish tank and seemingly not suffer any damage. We’re sure they are painting a worst-case scenario and that this is more ideal for splashes or say a soda spill next to your iPhone.

The difference here, is that the handset will be treated during the manufacturing process. Zagg, maker of HZO, is very confident that we will see their technology in the next generation iPhone. It’s very cool. If they can do this to my computer, I may have to use my iPad in the tub.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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