Does Scott Forstall Have What it Takes to Be Apple’s Next CEO?

Scott Forstall

Sure, it’s a bit soon as Tim Cook has only recently taken the reins at Cupertino. Still, that doesn’t mean that he probably isn’t always looking for who’s next in line. Heck, even before he was CEO, we’re sure Jobs and Cook were always looking at potential candidates.

According to Fortune’s Senior Editor-at-large (what the heck is that, anyway?) Adam Lashinsky, who wrote a book called Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works, says that Scott Forstall is the most likely candidate for CEO when Tim Cook steps down. According to reports, iOS is responsible for as much as 70 percent of Apple’s total revenues. Obviously, that has earned him much respect and at 43 years old, he has many more years of talent left in him.

Well, if Cook does step down when he’s planned to, it won’t be until 2012, which will get him those 1 million shares of Apple Stock. That’s incentive if I’ve ever heard it: 1) stay with Apple 2) Make them successful.

Is Forstall next in line?

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