Foxconn Ramping it Up for iPhone Production

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Foxconn is ramping up iPhone production in the very near future. We’ve heard that Foxconn is stepping up iPhone production in the near future as they try to meet the high demand for the handset.

$1.1 Billion and 100k New Workers

They are investing $1.1 billion in increasing their production. They are also working with the Chinese government to add 100,000 new workers. For one, this can definitely ramp up production.

Thousands stood outside a labor agency in hopes of finding a job working with Foxconn. It’s definitely interesting to hear how many are eager to get jobs despite the news we’ve heard in recent years about the working conditions. Still, people definitely need the jobs.


Five Manufacturing Facilities Opening in Brazil

There are also manufacturing facilities opening up in Brazil. We’ve heard about these before, but things seemed at somewhat of a standstill. Now things are moving along, according to reports. Foxconn is opening up five facilities in Brazil. It’s an area that could benefit from the jobs and possibly even its own production of electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads.


5,000 New Workers in Brazil

Foxconn’s facilities in Brazil will be each hiring 1,000 new workers. This is in addition to the 100,000 that are joining in China. As for how much this will increase production, it will be interesting to see. Chances are this can help increase production for many of Apple’s products, not just their iOS devices. It’s also much easier to ship from Brazil to the US than it is from China.


iPhone 5 on the Horizon?

We all know that Apple is working on another iPhone, and that it’s due sometime in 2012. They’ve been releasing new iPhones for five years. We just don’t know when. Either way, the device seems to be increasing in popularity. Perhaps the additional facilities will be good for when production on the new device begins.


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