Fraudsters Switch Out iPads for Lumps of Clay and Return to Retailers

Clay lump

Some people do more useful things with clay

We can’t say we’ve heard this before. It’s a pretty jerk move. Someone or some group of persons purchased iPads at retailers and replaced the tablet with a slab of clay shaped like an iPad. After that they reseal and return it. The iPad is theirs, as is their money and someone else’s hard-earned money goes into a $500 lump of clay.

It happened to one fellow by the name of Mark Sandhu. He picked up an iPad for his wife, but was surprised to see a piece of clay in the box rather than a tablet computer. He contacted the store he purchased it at, Future Shop, and they thought he was full of it. Local police weren’t much help either. Finally, he went to the media, and once the story was reported and on the news, Future Shop decided to pay attention to what he had to say. Apparently, Future Shop isn’t the only retailer who has fallen victim to $500 hunks of clay. Walmart and Best Buy locations have also been fooled.

If it’s any consolation to the folks here in the states, this has so far only been reported in Canada. Of course that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened or won’t happen.

[Via National Post]

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