Guide to Playing Girl Wars Online

The text based iPhone RPG genre has had ebbs and flows on the App Store market, but it has maintained itself as an iPhone staple because of its social networking elements and incremental play.  Many of these have tended to be more focused on conventionally male markets, so The Godfather created Girl Wars Online as a way of pandering to a more female crowd.  Here is a guide that is built for Girl Wars Online to help you become one of the top people in the mall.

Banking with The Godfather
The Girl Wars Online Bank is a direct part of the experience that The Godfather created. Girl Wars Online is patently the same as other titles like iMob Online, iDragons Online and Jet Fighters, except that the theme and some of the gaming features are radically different. The over all design is similar, which means that having the ability to protect your money in the Bank from attacking Girl Wars Online players is a must. Here are some tips for using the Girl Wars Online Bank.

Girl Wars Online Bank
When you are at the main Girl Wars Online Home screen find The Bank, which is right under Real Estate and directly above The Spa. If you have played other games from The Godfather like iMob Online, this will look a little familiar. There is going to be a text box on top where you will enter the amount you will want to deposit. Below that will be a box where you enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Girl Wars Online Bank account. At the top will be your current account balance for the Girl Wars Online Bank.
When you enter the Girl Wars Online Bank you are going to see your entire amount of free cash listed in the deposit box. You will likely want to change that before you deposit. All deposits must be equal to or less than your available Girl Wars Online cash, and all withdrawals must be equal to or less than your current balance in the Girl Wars Online Bank. All deposits will have a fifteen percent fee taken out of them, though removing money from the Girl Wars Online Bank is completely free.

Monetary Policy
The fifteen percent fee on deposits into the Girl Wars Online Bank is very high, even compared to other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs made by other free iPhone game developers. Though you are going to need to use the Girl Wars Online Bank to use the Girl Wars Online Spa you should do this sparingly.
If you are being attacked continually early on this can be a temporary solution, but you should do something different in the long term. Instead, you should spend your cash on Real Estate as soon as you get it for the first fifteen levels. Even at this point you should only keep a small amount in the Girl Wars Online Bank. That amount should really only be used for the Girl Wars Online Spa later on when you engage in more Cat Fights.
Girl Wars Online Free Fashion Points
Girl Wars Online has not seen much attention in terms of promotions, updates, or free Fashion Points. Now there is a modest free Fashion Points package available to Girl Wars Online players, though it is not as many free Fashion Points as many players may have wanted. Girl Wars 10 Fashion Points will give you a few more things than just free Fashion Points, though this is an old update. There have been a few minor bugs fixed, and if you have been having problems spending Fashion Points, using Friend Codes, or adding pending Friend Requests this update may help you. There is also currently an offer of ten free Respect Points in iMob Online and ten free Nobility Points in iVampires Online, so along with these free Fashion Points you may have just the reason to jump into Girl Wars Online.  There is not as many free offers of Fashion Points as there once was, but having a conscious watch of updates and even trying out other games from The Godfather will help you get the offers.  In general, you should avoid paying for Girl Wars Fashion Points as they are not relevant to standard gameplay and there are usually enough offers to keep you in them from time to time.

Real Friends?
One thing that is common to Girl Wars Online that is also true of all of the text based iPhone RPGs is that you need to get friends. Girl Wars Online may be even more exasperating around this concept because it attempts to take stereotypes of girl friendship and work it into the RPG model. In this way, you have to have a large posse of other girls to make it in the high fashion world of Girl Wars.

All friends that are added to the game are done through the Invite tab, located at the lower right hand corner in the task bar. It is in this menu you can then add friends and see who is trying to add you. If you go to the Pending option on the very top you can see who has sent you friend requests. There will also usually be a number there of how many are waiting for your approval, and that number will also be posted on the Invite tab in the task bar.
Local Only Bro
Below this is a function to find people in your area using the iPhone’s GPS function. This is done in hopes to parade Girl Wars Online as more than just another ploy at reaching another market with the same game model by posing it as a social networking tool. This is best done when you are in densely populated areas.
What’s Your Number?
Below this is the main place where you will focus to make friends in the virtual haze of Girl Wars Online. Here is a bar where you can enter in someone’s friend code, and below is the listing of your own individual code. The point of this is to get the code out wherever you can through social networking sites, message boards, and pretty much everywhere online that lets you put in some text. My code is 643720139, so add me if you want to talk about who is the most dreamy on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Below this, in the comments section, is an area to enter in coupon codes, but these are so rare that you really do not need to concern yourselves with them.
Finding More Friend Codes
If you are having trouble finding as many Girl Wars Online friend codes as you want you should browse the available message boards, or even use a pay iPhone app like iCodes.  iCodes for Girl Wars gives you Friend Codes for Girl Wars Online. You will get a pink page listing a Girl Wars Online Friend Code and telling you to add them. If you tap the screen you will just get another Girl Wars Online Friend Code, and so on. At the very bottom you have a task bar where can select different focuses. With the Leaderboard you can also see who is on top in Girl Wars Online, though this does not seem like a pastime for most players. The best feature in iCodes for Girl Wars is that you can add your Girl Wars Online Friend Code so that other people will add you. This takes a little of the pressure off of you and is most likely the cleanest way to get huge numbers of friend invites.  The price is not very much, but you will note that these features are usually available online for free.

The other app option is going to be Girl Wars Friend Finder, which may actually do this even more efficiently than iCodes.  Girl Wars Friend Finder does what the title suggests. This application is essentially a catalogue for Girl Wars Online Friend Codes, with new codes being added each time someone begins the application. There is a slot where you can see huge lists of Friend Codes with information about the players, Featured spots where egalitarianism has been left at the door, and a nice place to enter your own Friend Code. This is all in tact, and replicated from the developers’ Code Booster series.

Standard Money Tips
You are going to find that there is a relative branch of tips that are true for many text based iPhone RPGs, especially those from The Godfather.  Invest heavily in real estate as this is going to be the foundation of your finances later on.  This should start right from the beginning, and you should try to gear all your choices to advance your finances.  Even from the start when you are able to choose different player types you should go with Princess, which will allow you to regenerate money even faster.  Advancing your tools for competition with other players is going to be important, but it should take a back seat in the beginning and you should avoid fighting too much.  You should also avoid leveling up too quickly as this is better for competition between players, yet you should have your real estate foundational for making money.  This is going to allow you to have the accessories that you need later on so that you have not problem in competition with other players.  Do not advance until you absolutely know that you are going to be at the top of your game in the coming level.
Sisters Stay Together
What ends up making Girl Wars Online fun is that it really just plays on some of the more inane parts of popular culture. What place do skinny jeans and stilettos have in winning an RPG? Probably about as much as they do in real life. With this in mind you have a few laughs in Girl Wars Online, which at its basic suggestion that it is targeting girls as its main audience brings a touch of irony to your iPhone. The property feature is changed and simplified, which makes it a little easier to get started during the mortgage crisis. Somehow most people on the network seem a little more apt to making friends. Go figure.

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