Harvard Study: iPad Can Cause Shoulder and Neck Pain

Using iPad
Don’t hunch your back, lady!

Using anything for long periods of time can cause problems. That’s whether you’re sitting at a computer, playing a game console or using your iPad. Say yellow to “iPad Shoulder”

Harvard’s School of Public Health recently found that users are at risk for developing shoulder and neck pains because of the way they use their tablet computers. It’s because people are sitting in these positions for long periods of time. Their head is hanging low over the screen as they may be slightly hunched over doing what it is they do on their iPad or other tablet.

The study also found that the best way to hold your tablet is not vertically nor is it flat. It’s just somewhere in an in-between position (wherever that it. Maybe it’s just whatever’s comfortable?). The other suggestion is for users to simply not stay in one position for too long. That also causes problems.

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised. We remember the ol’ Nintendo thumb from the good ol’ days.

[Via New York Daily News]


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