How to Update to iTunes 10.9.3

Like the iOS on the iPhone, iTunes is an ever-changing piece of software that is never supposed to remain constant, even to its major updates.  Instead, there are smaller iTunes updates that are released consistently so that they can respond to needs and problems with users and to accommodate the constantly changing media and technological landscape.  The most recent iTunes version available is the iTunes 10.5.3 update, which is fairly simple software to download and implement once you know what you are doing.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the iTunes 10.5.3 update onto your computer, and what features are included.

Unlike iOS updates, iTunes is not segmented from the rest of your computer.  Instead, iTunes is actually part of your regular computer updates and you do not need to update the software through iTunes but instead through the regular update module.  This is because iTunes is a standard of an Apple computer, though you will do this from within iTunes if you are on a Windows based PC.

Begin by going up to the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of your computer and then choose Software Update, which is second down from the top.  It will then automatically put together a check for all available new software.  If you have not updated your Mac software recently it will find other updates besides just the iTunes update that is relevant.

Once it has located the iTunes 10.5.3 update you will highlight it from the list, ensure that there is enough free room for the data size listed in the right hand column, and then hit the button in the lower right hand corner that says Install 1 item.  You should note that if you were installing several different Apple updates besides the iTunes update then the button would say a number that is determined by the number of active installations.  Once you choose to install the items you will likely have to enter in your password, as long as you have a password on your computer.

It will then begin configuring the installation and ask you to close out iTunes.  It will begin writing files and running the installer scripts automatically.  Once it has finished it will give you a message in the same window indicating this, and then a green check mark will appear next to the iTunes 10.5.3 update in the original update screen.  Once you then open iTunes again it will open up automatically without any issue.


The iTunes 10.5.3 features list is not one of the more significant, but this low level of update does not usually have elements that appeal to everyone.  This update allows for users to sync textbooks over to iBooks 2, which is crucial for implementing more reading needs into the e-book format through your iDevice.  This may not seem like a significant iTunes 10.5.3 feature, but it now allows for the integration of college texts into this format in a way that they have normally been excluded.  The update will continue to allow iTunes to operate the same way and you will still have to download iBooks 2, as well as be utilizing devices that can employ it.

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