How to Use Twitter on the iPhone 4s

The Tweet has become a fully recognized for of communication, used by movie stars and Senators alike to communicate to the masses in a 140 characters or less.  This social networking app is perfectly built for the mobile format because it involves in quick message, both reading and writing.  Apple has brought Twitter into the iPhone is a fundamental way this time around, and it will only make sense if you give it the same importance as you do checking your email or instant messaging.  Here is a step by step guide on how to get started with and use Twitter on your iOS 5 iPhone.

Twitter is fully integrated on the iOS 5, but you will still need to download the free iPhone app from the App Store.  From here you will be able to utilize its different features from a range of different apps, though you have to have it set up first.  This is actually a new element for Apple since it is a third party social networking app that it is supporting so directly, which is has not done for things like Facebook or Google +.  You will not have to actually use the Twitter app if you do not want to as the different Twitter features will be built right into different functions on your iPhone, but if you want to utilize it in its full element you will want the actual app.

Once you install the Twitter app you will will need to adjust the settings to get yourself logged in.  Go into Settings and then go down and find Twitter, which will be down in the third block of options.  Here you will need to enter in your User Name and Password right off the bat and hit the Sign In button to get started.  If you do not already have a Twitter account then you can hit the Create New Account button at the bottom.

If you have already signed into Twitter in Settings then it will automatically sign you in when you are first opening up the Twitter app.  Otherwise you will have to do the log in information, but either way you will have to choose whether or not to have Notifications and if you want to apply Location Services.

After signing in it will list your name and will give you the option to Add Account, though this may be best only if you are using multiple Twitter accounts.  At the bottom will be a button for Update Contacts, and when you choose it a process will begin.  It will then update Twitter contacts from your iPhone’s Contacts List, which will be relevant if they have their Twitter information tied to their contacts.  The phone draws this information from their phone number and email address, and this will become more relevant as people are more in line with the iOS 5.

The obvious thing that you can do here is to utilize the Twitter app to do quick tweets and updates, which is nice and well supported on the iPhone format.  Beyond that, however, is a number of different apps that allow for a Twitter tie in.  The Camera is one of the most obvious of these because it allows you to tweet photos easily and quickly.  Once you take a picture in camera and it hits the Photos section you can go there and choose the Share button at the bottom, which gives you a range of options such as to send it as an MMS message or email the image.  Towards the bottom, above Print, is Tweet.  When you choose this a tweet will open up with the photo attached and you can then add a text message and location to it.

The same Share format for the tweets is brought over to Safari as well.  In the same way that you can Share photos, you can do that with websites as you browse,  This is an easy way to share an article or blog post with your Twitter audience right from the mobile without having to actually open up the app itself.  IT works the same way as with the image as in it allows for a regular text message along with the link.

This is additionally available in Maps, which is a creative and new element to bring Twitter into.  When you are searching for a location and then find it you can select the coordinates to get an Info page.  This could include things like the address, phone number of the location, if it is a business then the web link associated, and directions.  At the bottom will be a button for Share Location, and when it is selected you have the option to Email, Message, or Tweet.

The actual options for Twitter are not restricted just to that, but are available in many other apps that you encounter and tools built right in.  Though there is often some differences between the way that Twitter is integrated in these apps, it is fundamentally built into the ways that you Share the different things.  Where this function is present, Twitter will usually be available.  What this really does is make Twitter a permanent aspect of sharing from your mobile device.  This can extend even farther if you begin to integrate automatic connections between Twitter and other social networking apps, such as having automatic Twitter posts put onto Facebook.  What is most important here is that once you have logged in at the Settings you will not have to do it again and will instead just have the option available casually.

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