iBooks Author Hands-On (Review)

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At Apple’s education event today, the company announced a new eBook publishing platform called iBooks Author. iBooks Author is a software that makes it easy for users to create iBook content on their Mac and publish it to iBooks for distribution.

It’s simple, and it’s awesome.

Using iBooks Author

iBooks Author only takes a few minutes to learn for anyone who has used basic publishing tools. If you’ve used software like Quark Xpress, Indesign, Publisher or even something like Word or PowerPoint, you already have an idea of how to use the software. The rest is just working your way around this interface and figuring out what some of the buttons do. Don’t worry, it’s very easy for anyone who knows how to use a computer.


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iBooks Author lets you choose a template from a group such as Basic, Contemporary, Modern Type, Classic, Editorial and Craft. You can then begin to insert your own text and images. It’s an easy way to organize your book and it lets you set images the way you want them. They are all free-floating, so you can place them anywhere and text will auto format to fit around the images.

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You can then easily test it out on your iPad. It must be connected to your Mac, but you can see the book instantly and flip through it.

The Future of Textbook Publishing?

The focus of iBooks Author is textbook publishing, but it can be used for anything. The idea is that perhaps teachers can use it to make their own curriculum and more. We can see schools using it to create their own study guides and more. Will they bite? That remains to be seen.

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