iBooks Textbooks: 350,000 in Three Days, And Counting

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According to data from Global Equities Research, iBooks textbooks are being picked up very quickly. How quickly? Like 350,000 iBooks textbooks in the first three days.

As for the iBooks Author publishing tool on the Mac App Store? It was downloaded 90,000 times. Granted, it’s free. Still, that’s a fair amount of downloads, even if only a small percentage of those actually intend to use it for publishing.

It’s hard to know how accurate those numbers are, but they would indicate a pretty good launch for the platform. It’s also a good thing for publishers, as All Things D says, because of the savings involved with digital distribution as there is a 33 to 35 percent markup with traditional textbooks.

It’s also estimated that iBook production costs about 80 percent less than print publication, and the fact that it’s sold directly to students and used for a year (at a very low cost) rather than sold to a school and kept for the average time of five years. Sounds good for Apple, and textbook makers. Students, meanwhile, get textbooks priced at $15 and below.



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