Infographic: What are the Best Airports for Business Travelers and Techies

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When traveling, tech folks like us have to deal with a bunch of crap. First, you have to get through those jerks in the blue shirts. They think every gadget you carry is a bomb. Out comes the laptop, the iPhone, the iPad, the 3DS the Kindle, the portable hard drive and just about anything else you happen to have on you. Then it’s scrambling to grab all your stuff and find the gate. Fun stuff.

Well, there are some airports that are bit more tech/business traveler-friendly. They tend to have outlets available (ever need to charge that iPhone and can’t?) they have planes with great onboard wifi and more.

The info graphic below shows you  a bit about some of the airports you may travel to.

 What Are the Best Airports for Business Travelers?
Via: Online MBA News

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