iOS 5.1 Beta Hints at Siri Support for iPad

iPAd Siri Dictation

Looks like the iPad may be getting Siri Dictation support down the line. Then again, we figure it may get Siri support altogether at some point, and that the iPhone 4S is kind of a test subject for this all.

This news comes from website 9to5Mac, which cites developer sources who have been looking through iOS 5.1 beta 3  for iPad and have found deep within the code references to “Privacy and Dictation.” This was under a section in the keyboard menu. It contains a bunch of legal info and some info on Siri Dictation, according to the report.

Still, it hasn’t been implemented into the software yet, so it’s more of a feature that may make it in down the line. Keep in mind, we’ve seen features like these placed into beta code in iOS and not enabled until almost a year later. Such as the multitouch iPad features that made it feel somewhat like a MacBook’s trackpad.

We wouldn’t get too excited yet as anything like this may still early in the making, and we don’t imagine that Apple will immediately introduce the feature without A) shipping a flagship product or B) major iOS update. Of course there is no telling. Apple seems to have an ‘it’s done when it’s done’ attitude about these things.


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