iPad Use on the Rise in Enterprise as Many Leave Behind Their Laptops

iPad for business

Post-PC era? Well, not quite, but it’s definitely a sign of the bigger changes that are coming. IDG research recently conducted and published a survey to see how much the iPad has grown for business use. In fact, the survey was called iPad for Business 2012.

There are some interesting statistics in the repot. For instance, they estimate that there are approximately 60 million iPad users worldwide. Around 60 percent of iPads never leave the home, and 70 percent of usage happens in the living room.

In IT, about 51 percent of the decision makers say they use their iPad all the time, and 40 percent say that they use it sometimes. Also interesting is that 10 percent of the folks who make the decisions in their IT departments say that the iPad has completely replaced their laptops while over half say that it has partially replaced their laptop.

Most of the iPad use for these workers comes from web browsing (79 percent) while 76 percent say they use it for reading and 73 for news consumption. The list goes on and entertainment is actually the lowest at 31 percent. It’s interesting to see how professionals use the tablet as opposed to the rest of us.

According to the report, 91 percent of the businesses that handed out iPads now have their employees using them for work. The full report is interesting and much more extensive than anything we can possibly fit into a blogpost, so have a look at it here. (automatic download)


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