iPhone Flashlight App Saves Hiker’s Life

iPhone 4S

It’s a good idea to carry your smartphone with you anytime you can. A man, Christopher Tkacik, and his dog, Boo, were hiking Catoctin Mountain in Maryland and somehow managed to get lost.

Luckily, he had his iPhone and decided to call 911 for help (he had been lost for several hours). He was instructed to say where he was and wait for help to arrive. He happened to have a flashlight app for his iPhone and turned it on. The iPhone’s LED flash served as a beacon for helicopters to find him.

He definitely got lucky. It could have been worse. It could have been a long, dangerous (or deadly) night. He and Boo were lost for eight hours, so things could have gone bad pretty fast. What’s more? He made it home in time to party for the New Year.

There are quite a few stories of iPhone apps saving lives. We actually did a feature on them here.

[Via HLN]



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