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Apple Education Event


Today is the day. Apple’s education event is happening. We don’t know what all is going to happen, but we have some ideas. Stick around, because it starts soon (Jan. 19, 2012 10am EST).

We usually run a CoveritLive Event, but this is a smaller-scale announcement, so we’ll be doing it the old-fashioned way. Just hit the refresh button from time to time.


10am – Phil Schiller is on stage, saying that today’s event is about education.

10:01am – He’s talking about life as a high school student. US is 17th in reading, 21st in math and 23rd in science globally. “We all want to do better than this” he adds. He’s going to start up a video.

10:03am – The video is showing just how bad our education system has become. Phil says, “There is a lot that’s talked about that might be wrong in education, and no one person or company can fix it all.”

10:05 – Now some talk of the iPad and integrating it into school curriculums. “Reinventing the textbook” says Phil.

10:07 –  They are comparing textbooks to iPads (durability, portability, updatability).

10:08 – iBooks 2 announced. “New textbook experience for iPad”

10:09 – Roger Rosner is going to demo iBooks 2.

10:10 – Things are interactive. For instance, pinch a photo, and get a 3D model, etc.

10:11 – Right now, Rosner is showing the interactivity of the pages and images within the books.

10:14 – Glossary, tap a word, see photos and videos.

10:16 – You can take a small quiz at the end of a chapter.

10:17 – You can highlight by swiping, add notes with the keyboard, etc.

10:18 – You can make virtual study cards with your notes as well.

10:19 – iBooks 2 has a new section for textbooks in the iBookstore

10:20 – iBooks 2 is a free app, can be downloaded today.

10:21 – iBooks Author is a new app. Lets you create books for iBooks.

10:22 – Rosner is showing off iBooks Author. At a glance, it almost looks as simple as a word processor as far as use goes. You can drag and drop images, enter text. You can even drag and drop Word files. It saves formatting and all.

10:25 – iBooks Author is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Images can be dragged around and placed the way the author wants, and more.

10: 27 – Enter code in Javascript and HTML, create custom widgets.

10:28 – Glossary Creator. Preview your book on your iPad instantly, with the preview button. It beams the book to your iPad. You must have the iPad physically connected to the Mac. See your new book and find potential problems.

10:29 – iBooks Author is free. Whoa! They wanted to make it available for everybody. It’s available today at the Mac App Store.

10:33 Schiller announced the price of iBooks author and is talking about high school textbooks, which will cost $14.99 or less.

10:36 – Pearson, McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin are all there to release their books. A handful of books are available today. DK Publishing has a few books as well, their books are for younger children.

10:39 – There is more talk of interactive text books and how older books aren’t going to cut it anymore.

10:42 – iBooks Author is going to be free, and it makes it so simple for anyone to create books.

10:43 – Right now it’s all video reels and teachers talking about how this will change things.

10:45 – Eddie Cue is up now. iTunes U time.

10:46 – Over 1,000 colleges and universities use iTunes U for distributing content. 700 million downloads of iTunes U content since its launch in 2007.

10:48 – Now there is an iTunes U app, Jeff Robbin is up to show it off. They are taking a look at an online course, whole load of information. There are push notifications that teachers can send to students with assignments and more. View your homework task list, etc.

10:52 – From iTunes U app, you can link out to apps for quick purchase. Easy way to buy course books, etc. Easily sign-up and enroll in courses. Wow.

10:53 – The iTunes U app is also free. k – 12 schools can start using it, too. This means teachers in all these schools can start using iTunes U for developing their curriculum.

10:56 – Quick overview – iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U app.

10:58 – And it looks like that’s a wrap.

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