Lytro’s Camera Tech Could Make Its Way to Future iPhones

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It’s reported in Adam Lashinsky’s book, Inside Apple, that Steve Jobs having talks with Lytro CEO Ren Ng. This was in June 2011, and it was to discuss integrating Lytro’s light field technology into future Apple products.

Apple has constantly been working on improving the cameras in their devices. The biggest one perhaps being the iPhone 4S, which brought the 8MP sensor and better overall image capture.

Jobs and Ng spoke about how to use Lytro’s technology in future Apple products. The technology uses high resolution sensors and an array of specially-designed micro lenses. It captures intensity, color and direction of light rays entering the camera lens, according to Ars.

Various aspects about the image are calculated, such as focus point, focal length, depth of field and perspective shift. In the end this helps capture a better image. These things can also be recalculated after the image is captured. The images are very cool, because you can make adjustments after the photo is captured.


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