McGraw-Hill CEO Says Steve Jobs Was Responsible for iBooks Textbooks


After yesterday’s announcements from Apple, All Things D took some time to talk to McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw. They are one of Apple’s major partners in the textbooks to iBooks movement that was announced yesterday.

McGraw talked about his meetings with Steve Jobs, saying “I wish Steve Jobs was here. I was with him in June this past year, and we were talking about some of the benchmarks … This was his vision, this was his idea, and it all had to do with the iPad.”

Steve Jobs truly seemed to care about education, and it was evident in many of Apple’s programs that support education. That’s true to this day. With yesterday’s announcements, we see that Apple wants to further their role in the education market, and they are doing it by making textbooks more easily available to all.

[All Things D via 9to5Mac]


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