PDF Forms for iPad: iSmashPhone Review

PDF Forms App

PDF Forms for iPad is an app that allows you to fill out PDF forms from your Apple tablet. You can add text, highlight text and even add signatures to the PDF with the application.

What’s it do?

PDF Forms allows you to open a PDF document and annotate, add text, highlight, free draw and more. It’s ideal for filling out forms, such as a survey or a job application. In fact a perfect example for a freelancer such as myself is a W9. These are often sent my way as a PDF. Typically, I must print, fill out the form, scan it and finally send it back. An app like this can be a lifesaver because I can do everything I had to do by simply opening it up on my iPad. I can use the free draw tool to sign it.

 PDF Forms App 2

Its Uses

As the popularity of the iPad grows, more and more use it in the office. The software is designed so that users can easily grab documents from a source, such as a Dropbox folder, then fill out the form and drop the new version back into the folder. Again, this could often be for surveys, or other such documents that need to be filled out by multiple persons. What’s also nice is the ease of use. It opens up a PDF and you can go ahead and start annotating to your liking. Perhaps add some notes requesting a correction of information on the document, or an addition of some sort, etc.



Overall, the software works great and is easy to use. We opened up several PDF files, squiggled around on them and tested out what we could do. Sure, we can draw smiley faces on documents if we so choose, but that’s not necessarily what it was intended for. We’d recommend it 100 percent to anyone who often finds themselves having to print, sign and scan PDF forms in order to send them out. This makes the process much quicker and easier. It saves you paper and time and is definitely worth a try. It’s going to be how I fill out my W9s from now on.


One FInal Note

It’s  also worth noting that any contracts or legally binding forms are legit when you go with an electronic signature such as this one. Thanks to the eSign act of 2000. You can read more about that here.



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