PressReader 3.0 Hands-On (Review)



PressReader 3.0 was recently released. It’s an update to PressReader, which is an iPhone and iPad app designed to give users access to thousands of newspapers from around the world. It’s something cool and if it does well, we think it can really help the newspaper industry.

We’ve been fans of PressDisplay for a long time, and it’s accompanying app PressReader is no exception. We launch the app on the iPad and can choose from a variety of publications. We prefer it over other apps such as the New York Times electronic subscription, because we can choose from many, many more newspapers.

It may cost you a bit at about $30 a month, but it’s nice to have access to all those additional publications rather than be limited to one. Of course we all tend to choose our favorites anyway, but it’s just nice to have all those options, more so because we can get news from around the world.

It’s still great to have the voiceover reading, and full iOS 5 compatibility. It’s always a bummer having an app you enjoy and can’t use because of an iOS update. You can also copy and paste articles into apps like Notes. This is nice if you find something of interest.


Overall, we still enjoy using PressReader. The improvements are welcome and we only hope to see it get better in the future. We are sure it will, and we look forward to seeing what’s new.

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