Report: Apple’s January Event Will Be About iBooks


According to a recent report, Apple’s event at the end of the month will have something to do with iBooks and publishing. We heard about it yesterday, but details were sparse. We do know that SVP of internet software and service Eddy Cue will be involved. Cue is the guy in charge of Apple’s online presence, such as the App Store, iTunes, iAd, iCloud and iBooks.

Website TechCrunch reaffirms the previous report that the announcement will not be hardware-related. Sorry, no surprise iPad 3 announcement or Apple HDTV. If their source is correct, the event will focus solely on iBooks.

We’re sure more details will emerge over the next few days or weeks leading up to the event. Again, it’s probably nothing to become overly excited about.

[Via TechCrunch]


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