Report: Display Panel Shipment Plans Hint at iPad 2 Availability After iPad 3 Launch

iPad 2 Black and White Models

According to a recent Digitimes report, the iPad 2 may continue to ship alongside the iPad 3. That’s just based on display panel shipments, it seems that there will be plenty to go around even after the future device launches. This leads them to believe that the iPad 2 will be available well past the launch of the iPad 3.

We’ve heard this rumor in the past, and it’s suggested that the iPad 2 could be used as a competitor for devices such as the Kindle Fire. The tablet would likely cost less than the iPad 3 to stay competitive. It’s not clear if this is in fact the case, but it’s a good scenario for Apple.

Still, they expect the newer model to ship many more than the iPad 2. It’s simply an alternative.

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[Via Digitimes]

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