Report: iPad 3 Production Begins, Ready for March Release

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to a Bloomberg report, the iPad 3 is already in production and ready for a launch in March. Of course mentions of the high-res Retina Display are also included in the report.

If what Bloomberg says is accurate, the new iPad will connect to LTE networks as well. The new tablet is also rumored to carry a quad-core chip, which those involved in the device’s production say will help make jumping between applications much faster.

We’ve heard plenty of iPad 3 rumors at this point, and it’s no surprise, most are believable. For instance, that it will look much like an iPad 2 and that it may feature improved cameras. We’ve also heard word of a quad-core processor. This also makes sense, thanks to the references in developer builds of iOS.

Here are some more rumors related to the iPad 3:

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[Via Bloomberg]

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