Report: iWork Boss in Charge of Apple’s GarageBand for eBooks?

Roger Rosner

Yesterday, reports coined the term ‘GarageBand for eBooks’ They were referring to the ease of use of a format for publishing eBooks or textbooks that would make it as easy to publish a book as it is to create a song in GarageBand.

The person behind such a project? According to reports from the Wall Street Journal (and they seem to always be right about this sort of thing) is Roger Rosner (via 9to5Mac). He is Apple’s iWork VP and oversees the development of Pages, Keynote and Numbers for Mac and iOS.

Rosner works under Eddie Cue, who heads up Apple’s Internet Software and Services. This may be important because it signifies that he is working directly with Apple’s iCloud services as well, which is Cue’s territory. Reports from the Wall Street Journal and Ars Technica explain that Apple’s focus at the event may be more based around this textbook creation platform rather than just some method of distributing. If accurate, it may be a way for schools to create content for students digitally, which could be very interesting.

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