Report: Target to Launch Apple Shops Within Stores

Apple Section Best Buy

This is an Apple section at Best Buy

This was rumored a few days back. Target has now confirmed it. It seems that the retail giant is going to be setting up special Apple sections of their stores, much like those you will find at Best Buy.

This could be a big move for Apple as it shows that they have enough pull to literally take over a section of a retailer. We see it at Best Buy, and the Apple section is hard to miss. Most other consumer electronic devices are just stocked on shelves. If Target stores have a special Apple section it will sure make things interesting for both. The last time I personally remember anyone having that much pull was when Nintendo was in its prime in North America back around the late 80s. There were entire sections of stores dedicated to Nintendo. Not videogames, but Nintendo. If retailers didn’t carry Nintendo’s consoles and games, it was almost a death wish.

[via Reuters]

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