Rumor: Apple Event to Focus on Education

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Apple doesn’t have to do much to make headlines. They haven’t even announced anything and everyone is wondering what their next event is going to be. The crazy part is that it’s not even expected to be something major. The latest reports say that it may actually have something to do with education. This comes from Clayton Morris, who says he’s heard this information from his sources.

Apparently, these announcements have been long in the making, and were very important to Steve Jobs. Again, this will have nothing to do with any kind of new hardware.

There are reports that this will somehow relate to iTunes, iBooks or iTunes University. It seems that we can count on this being somehow related to textbooks, perhaps digital textbooks. If that’s the case, New York makes sense as it’s central to much of the textbook publishing industry. It’s also rumored (via MacRumors) that Apple has filmed interviews with executives in the textbook publishing industry. Well, we will see soon enough, but it all seems to be coming together.

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