Rumor: iPad 3 Event is Just a Few Weeks Away

iPad 2 Side Shot

If a few weeks away means late February or early March, we agree. Still, we can’t say that we know anything that no one else does.

Japanese publication Macotakara (via 9to5Mac) believes that the iPad 3 will be announced in early February, and that it’s likely to be released in March. The release date makes sense and is in line with previous launches. However, February sounds a bit early for an announcement. The first iPad was announced in January and released in early April, but it was the first-generation tablet from Apple, meaning people couldn’t decide to hold off on a current model to purchase the new one as they would with the iPad 3. We won’t think Apple would want to kill a month of iPad 2 sales by announcing the iPad 3 in Feb and having it launch in March. Then again, we don’t have inside sources, just guesses on our part.

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