Rumor: Next iPhone Ready for Production. Summer Launch?


iPhone 4S

The latest rumor from the iPhone world comes from a Foxconn employee. They say that the iPhone 5 is ready for production. There are are few things worth noting about the devices.

1) There are various versions floating around, and this makes it impossible to know which is the real handset. This may also help prevent leaks.

2) The display is said to be 4 inches, as we’ve heard rumored many times.

3) None of the current devices have the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S form factor, so if the information is accurate, this is a totally new device.

4) None of them is the final version.

5) None of the devices has that rumored teardrop shape we heard so much about (thank goodness).

Even then, keep in mind that this is all rumor for now. Website 9to5Mac deems their source reliable, so we only have that to go on. They also add that based on the usual timeline, if the iPhone 5 is actually being geared up for production, it may actually launch this summer. That’s hard to say for now, and the iPhone 4S did well for a phone that nobody wanted. We will just have to wait and see.

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