Shopping The Kindle Store on Your iPad? Amazon Just Made it Easier

Kindle for iPad

We have all heard about Apple’s rules when it comes to in-App purchases. They are fair enough. They keep a percentage of anything purchased through an app. This is because it’s being purchased through Apple’s device on an app that was purchased on their App Store.

Still, some distributers hated that. Amazon, for instance, didn’t like it. They ended up having the app redirect the user to their website for purchases. Now, Amazon has launched a new store for Kindle for iPad users. It’s browser-based, but it makes use of the iPad’s functionality to feel more like a native app.

That’s pretty smart. Sure, it would be nice to be able to purchase within their app, but if they want to find ways around Apple’s rules, so be it. We doubt either of them are hurting for money.

You can visit it here: on your iPad.



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