Survey: iPhone Makes Up Half of Planned Smartphone Purchases


 Changewave iphone

More non-CES 2012 news for those tired of hearing about the Consumer Electronics Show. According to ChangeWave, who conducted a research survey, it seems that both Apple and Samsung are getting much love in 2012 (Uh oh, we hope we didn’t just give Apple’s lawyers something else to use in that silly lawsuit).

ChangeWave polled 4,000 consumers in North America and they found that 54 percent, just over half, of those planned on getting a smartphone in the next 90 days plan to get an iPhone. That is actually down from last quarter, in which 65 responded that they would be getting an iPhone.

Also shown by the study is customer satisfaction. Out of those polled, 75 percent are satisfied with their iOS devices. That’s pretty high, and much higher than the rest, as seen below:

Changewave Satisfaction

[Via ChangeWave]

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