Syncing Your iPhone to Outlook

Your iPhone needs to serve as more then just a phone and media player. Its design is that of complete personal device, complete with setting appointments and calendar dates. Luckily there is an easy way to sync with standard programs on your PC to help keep these functions organized. Using Microsoft Outlook to set the calendar on your iPhone is one of the easiest ways to consistently update your events.  This is, of course, going to be mostly relevant to Windows based PC users, though it could also be used on Mac computers as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.  Here is a look at how to connect up your iPhone to Outlook to utilize the scheduling and calendar functions on both your computer and your mobile device.

Microsoft Office’s Outlook is normally considered a program primarily used for email, but it really does all sorts of planning functions. When you open the program the left hand panel has several features you can select, including Contacts and Notes. Go ahead and select Calendar and you will get a notebook function in the center frame with a calendar for the next couple months in the upper left hand corner of the window. From here you are able to select specific days from the calendar and then create events in the notebook for times on those days. When you close Outlook and reopen it the schedule will remain.

How to Sync Calendars
Once you have updated your Outlook calendar from your planner you can close it and open iTunes. On the left hand panel under Devices select your iPhone. Once its options come up select the Info tab, which is the second from the left after the Summary tab. From here go down to the Calendars section and click the box that says “Sync contacts with.” In the pull down menu next to it select Outlook. Now go down to the bottom Advanced section and make sure the box for syncing your Calendars is selected. Now go up to File and select Sync iPhone. iTunes will inform you that you are about to change settings on your iPhone and you must click that this is the correct action. From here a message will tell you that Outlook is syncing your calendar to your iPhone.

Once the short sync is done you can go into your calendar on you iPhone and see that all the dates and events that you marked have transferred. The standard is that there is an alert set for all of these for fifteen minutes before the event begins. If you need to change or eliminate this you can do it easily in the phone. This is much easier to use when doing it on your computer than on the phone itself. Depending on how long you want the events to stay on there you can set that in iTunes before you sync it.  With the new iCloud element on the iPhone 4s and other iOS 5 devices you can migrate emails over to iCloud storage, which will provide an additional element for how you want to interact with Outlook.  Reminders will also engage with this, and if it becomes dramatically easier to use the internal Apple app options that interact with on board apps it may end up making Outlook the more difficult option in the long run.

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