Tim Cook: Kindle Fire Did Not Affect iPad Sales


Tim Cook

We heard that analysts were expecting the Kindle Fire to eat into iPad sales. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that he’s seen no slowdown in iPad sales.

He was asked by an analyst about the impact that those lower-priced tablets had on the iPad, and he said that Apple sold a 15.4 million iPads and that they don’t consider “limited function” devices such as most of the rivals to be in the same category as the iPad. He talked about the ecosystem that Apple has built with its Macs and iOS devices as well as the 170k apps available just for the iPad. “People who want an iPad won’t settle for a limited function tablet,” he added (via MacRumors).

Apple is pleased with the iPad and iPhone sales. They should be, they are doing very well. Still, it would be nice to see some of the other tablets give Apple a run for their money. We don’t want Apple sitting still simply because they think they are on top, even if Tim Cook says they will “continue to innovate like crazy.” It’s easy to get comfortable if you feel like you are at the top.

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