Unfortunately, Cellphones Are Actually Pretty Easy to Hack


Hackers wear ski masks

According to Check Bokath, senior engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta, your cellphone is actually pretty easy to hack. He says he can hack into your cellphone by dialing your number. He can listen to calls remotely, read your texts, snap photos and know where you are and where you’ve been.

That’s just scratching the surface. A recent report (via NYTimes) talks about Mr. Bokath’s job, which is to expose security flaw in wireless devices. It’s said that instructions for hacking cellphones can be found online and that “It’s actually quite frightening,” and that most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are when they are using their cellphones.

The report goes on to say that technology experts expect compromised cellphones to be big in 2012.

Here’s a portion of the original story:

Cellphones can be hacked in several ways. A so-called man-in-the-middle attack, Mr. Bokath’s specialty, is when someone hacks into a phone’s operating system and reroutes data to make a pit stop at a snooping third party before sending it on to its destination.

That means the hacker can listen to your calls, read your text messages, follow your Internet browsing activity and keystrokes and pinpoint your geographical location. A sophisticated perpetrator of a man-in-the-middle attack can even instruct your phone to transmit audio and video when your phone is turned off so intimate encounters and sensitive business negotiations essentially become broadcast news.

The story goes into security measures some can take in order to prevent potential problems. Such as not providing information when you receive a text message that may or may not be from your carrier. They suggest calling your carrier instead to make sure that the message is real.

There is more, but you can check out the full story here.

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