Using iCloud’s App Search Engine to Easily Access Previously Downloaded Apps



This little tip comes from the folks over at TechCrunch who found a convenient way to access apps you have downloaded in the past, but may not use as often. It’s all done simply through iCloud and its search function.

They paint a scenario that is very common with iOS users: You download a ton of apps over the years, but never really delete them. Over time you forget and they pile up on each new iOS device you buy. You buy a new iPad and sync it, all your old apps sync to the new device and so on. Before you know it, you have an iPad and iPhone with 200 apps loaded onto them. Not fun to sort through.

Here’s the directions as written by TechCrunch:

1. Launch the App Store app.

2. Tap “Updates.”

3. Tap “Purchased” (at the top).

4. Drag the screen down so you can see the search box.

5. Enter in a keyword (try something common, e.g. “photo.”).

6. Tap “Search.”

You will see all the apps you have downloaded over the past however many years. Apps you have downloaded but uninstalled will show up with an iCloud icon next to them. Here, you can download and install the apps that were previously deleted. This will make your iPhone a lot easier to navigate as you won’t have pages of stuff in your Homescreen.

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