Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare (iSmashPhone Review)

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Forget that I don’t even know how to properly pronounce Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacorix & Her Nightmare (though the game’s narrator does say the title during the intro), the game makes use of an interesting concept. Plus, I love cool little indie games.

Players take on the role of Vanessa, a small, nerdy girl with amazing puzzle-solving skills. She is described as able to solve puzzles that stump even the smartest adults. There is only one puzzle that she’s unable to solve, it’s a small puzzle box that she’s never been able to figure out.

One day, she is bullied at school and drops the puzzle box. This causes it to open, sucking in the town and all those around it. That’s when Vanessa chooses to enter the box and try to save her family, and the peers who have treated her poorly all this time.

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Each level of the game takes place within a cube. The cube is 3D, but the game is a 2D platformer/puzzler. Each side of the cube is a section of the level. You can rotate these clockwise and counter-clockwise in order to help Vanessa traverse through the level. She must get from the starting point to the door in order to exit the level. A simple puzzle may consist of a door on the ceiling. The player would simply rotate the room until Vanessa can walk over to the door and open it to complete the area. Sometimes this involves finding keys or classmates. Levels become more difficult with obstacles such as spikes and other dangers and puzzle elements designed to make it harder for the player to get through.

The art style has that cutesy-spooky look that brings the work of Roman Dirge to mind. The only problem I really have with it is that things are a bit fuzzy, and character details a a bit hard to see. There was also a very small portion of the game in which I experienced some slowdown. Still, the art style works, but the graphics could use some cleaning up.

Still, the game was a pleasant surprise. After a few minutes with it, I definitely saw its charm and had to keep playing. The game is worth the 99 cents and definitely had me more entertained than much of the other stuff I’ve played on my iPhone.


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