Will the Graphics Chip of the iPad 3 Be 20x Faster?

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to a Wired report, the iPad 3 may have a graphics chip that’s up to 20x faster than the current model. Where does that come from?

Imagination is the company that makes the graphics GPUs found in many popular mobile devices. They recently announced their Series 6 chips. Apple actually uses Imagination’s GPUs in their mobile devices, like the iPad and the iPhone. As Wired puts it, iOS devices rely heavily on the GPU for their computing.

It’s said that the new configurations could actually lead tablets like the iPad to come closer to the power of consoles when it comes to performance, and speed up many of the other regular computing tasks we run on our devices.

Could future iPad models and iPhone models really be up to 20x faster? That sounds like a bit of a stretch, but it’s possible. It’s also important to remember that battery life is important, too. I’m no engineer, but it could all have an effect on the battery life of the device.

[Via Wired]

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