A Quarter of Wolfram Alpha Searches Come From Siri

wolfram alpha

The iPhone 4S is selling pretty dang well sales-wise. It’s in so many hands right now that Siri searches are actually now making up a quarter Wolfram Alpha search queries.

Wolfram Alpha’s staff has grown to 200 in recent months. Currently, Wolfram Alpha is planning to launch Wolfram Alpha Pro, which is a premium version of their search engine and will cost about $5 a month, and $3 for students.

It’s interesting how much the iPhone 4S and Siri have helped increase Wolfram Alpha used. It was reported in December, according to AppleInsider, that searches on the service increased by 20 times after the iPhone 4S was launched. We will see if additional iOS devices equipped with Siri help increase business for the search engine. Devices like the iPad 3 and the rumored Apple HDTV are likely to have Siri built-in according to speculation. Of course they’re just that at this point, rumor and speculation. Still, Apple tends to do what they can to unify experiences across platforms.

[Via AppleInsider]

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