Accessory Spotter: Pepper Spray iPhone Case, the Most Unusual Case We’ve Seen


Swiss case maker Piexon (leave it to the Swiss to come up with interesting contraptions) packs some heat. It has a small holster for a canister of pepper spray. The case is called the SmartGuard, and it’s a little scary. Sure, it’s for personal protection, and it’s good to have something to defend yourself, but an iPhone case?

 The canister can be removed and used quickly to protect yourself in case such a need arises. It’s held horizontally, and sprayed by pressing a button on the opposite end, as shown below:


This probably isn’t  the kind of thing I would carry. I’d prefer it attached to my keyring, but it’s still an interesting case. You can check it out here. We’re not sure how long this one will be on the market.

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