Accessory Spotter: Time Command Hands-on (iSmashPhone Review)

Time Command


Charge and play your Apple devices – even connect and control your bedside lamp. Simply connect your bedside lamp to Time Command’s unique power supply and control the lamp with the touch of a button. Download theStem:Connect App and enable additional features such as dimming for incandescent bulbs and Wake-by-Light, which allows Time Command to automatically switch the lamp off when you go to sleep or activate the lamp when an alarm sounds.

Time Command

Like it’s little brother the, Time Command Mini, this is an alarm clock on which you dock your iPhone. It’s just as easy to set up. You can do so with the buttons buttons, but easiest way is using the Stem app. You can set up alarms and have it play music, which is great. We do think the speakers could be a little better. They sound a bit flat. Still, this is an alarm clock, not a stereo system. It’s still a cool one, but we fell in love with the Mini version of this.


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