An Interesting Little Secret About the iPad’s Split Keyboard


The iPad’s split keyboard was a wonderful addition to iOS 5. It gave users the ability to easily hold the tablet in two hands while typing out with their thumbs, rather than having to set it down or stretch their thumbs to their lengths to type something out.

It’s very useful, and we are glad that Apple chose to add the feature. In case you don’t know how to access it, read our quick tip you can also do it by dragging the keyboard apart with two fingers.

What’s also interesting is that there is actually a bit more to the split keyboard than meets the eye. There are actually a few hidden letters within the keyboard. Check out the image below (Credit The Next Web) it shows that you where the additional Y,H,B,T,G and V are located.

Split Keyoard

It’s just an interesting little observation someone made and it just shows that some of these details aren’t missed by the software folks over at Apple.

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