Apple and Proview Go At It During Trial



According to reports, Apple and Proview had some not-so-kind words for each other during their Shanghai court hearing.

Currently, Proview is working on banning the sale of iPads in mainland China as they claim ownership of the trademark. They say that Apple does not have a right to sell the tablet under the name “iPad.”

Proview once sold a product called the IPAD, which stood for Internet Personal Access Device. Still, the company is not doing as well as it once was, and it seems that part of this is a move to collect some cash as part of a settlement.

Apple lawyers claim that halting sales of the iPad would “hurt China’s national interest.” They argue that “Proview has no product, no markets, no customers and no suppliers” adding that they have “nothing.” Harsh words, but true.

We’ve also heard that Proview was hoping to go about this peacefully, at least that was reported yesterday. It’s not totally clear, yet.

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[Via Electronista]

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