Apple Announces Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – Details New Features


Apple today announced Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. They have detailed new features that make it unify it even further with iOS. Let’s take a look at five of the features we most look forward to.


1) Messages


Messages is coming to Mac OS X. It allows users on their Mac to send photos and text messages to their friends on iOS devices. It allows for communication across all devices equipped with iOS 5 and Macs with Mountain Lion. It’s a nice way to integrate features of both platforms.


2) AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay Mirroring will allow you to view what’s on your Mac on your HDTV. This will require Apple TV of course. It’s a feature many have been abe to integrate by hacking or creating their own software solutions, but this will be Apple’s official way creating a way for users to stream from their Mac to their TV via AirPlay.


3) Notification Center


Notification Center puts all of your notifications in one place. This is ideal for when you receive emails or other messages. It makes notifications pop up without interfering with everything else you are doing. This is especially useful for email messages as many of us like to know when we receive new email, but don’t like to have to keep checking our inbox.


4) Game Center

Game Center

Game Center is Apple’s solution to online gaming. It’s like a mini Xbox Live. Users can play online together or share scores, etc. It’s a cool little application and it’s easy to sign up with your Apple ID. This will make it possible for people on their Mac to play games with iOS users. Nice.


5) Twitter

We love Twitter. It seems that it’s lost some of the spotlight thanks to Facebook, but Twitter is still awesome to us. It’s quick and easy. Mountain Lion has built-in Twitter support. Users will simply log in once and be able to tweet easily from there on out. Very cool.




It’s all about integration with iOS. Mountain Lion bring Mac OS and iOS closer together. Many of the features we find in one are making their way to the other. Those features are then synced via iCloud. It’s an interesting future for Apple.


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