Apple Consists of One-Fifth of All US Electronics Revenue Says NPD


According to the NPD group, which tracks sales data of consumer electronics, Apple has become the top-selling technology company. They now make up a fifth of all electronics revenue sold in the US. That’s huge for a single company.

The data also shows that by the end of 2011, 19 percent of revenue in the US was related to an Apple product. That likely means apps, iTunes, etc as well as hardware and accessories. However, the company is now topping longtime giants like Sony and Samsung as far as being a top electronic seller goes.

According to some analysts, this is likely because Apple is moving to new technologies while rivals are said to stick to older ones. For instance, console sales and traditional PCs are seeing less spending, while smartphones like the iPhone and tablets like the iPad are rising in popularity.

Apple has also seen very strong financial growth, and it’s reported that today their stock has soared as far as $500 a share. They are definitely in a good place.

[Via Electronista]

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