Apple Intern’s Paper Reveals Plans to Port Mac OS X to ARM Processors

MacBook Air

A former student’s bachelor thesis on his 12-week internship at Apple’s Platform Technologies Group reveals that Apple worked to get Darwin, part of Mac OS X to boot on an ARM processor. Though they managed to boot “into a multi-user prompt,” they still had problems with the software due to “poor implementation on the debut hardware.”

Still, it’s said that this may not necessarily mean that Apple plans on ever launching such a product. As AppleInsider explains, new engineers have been known to be placed on “decoy” projects meant for nothing more than determining how trustworthy they are. However, the student, Tristan Schaap, has since become a “CoreOS Engineer” at Apple and has been working there for almost a year and a half. That is according to his LinkedIn profile.

These are rumors we’ve heard in the past, and it was even brought up last week after an analyst met with Tim Cook. They asked about the possibility, and by the looks of it, Apple believes that the iPad is, or will soon be, sufficient for those who want an Arm-based MacBook Air.

While it may not necessarily mean anything, it’s worth noting that it was embargoed due to the sensitive information it contained.


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