Apple Is Not Pulling Evi From App Store

Evi App

Looks like the makers of Evi are safe.

There was a report that circulated recently flaming that Apple was going to pull Evi from the App Store. This is an application that works much like Siri. It uses a feature that is similar to Apple’s personal voice assistant.

There was a story circulating that developers True Knowledge were in danger of having their app pulled, because it violated developer guidelines. It violated rule 8.3, which states that App Store apps cannot be confusingly similar to existing Apple products or advertising.

The app was apparently too similar to Siri, and this was of concern to Apple. However, it has since been reported that Apple does not intend to pull the App. They are actually in talks with True Knowledge so that they can work out any major similarities in the app that they deem may be confusing for some users.

Here’s a portion of a report by the Verge:

” the app remains in the App Store, and according to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is attempting to work with the developers on bumping out those similarities, rather than just pulling the product. It’s apparently standard practice these days for Apple to flag something that could be confusing to end users and then try to work with developers to alter the appearance and / or functionality of the app, and we’re told that’s what is taking place with True Knowledge right now.”


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