Apple Pulls iPad from Online Chinese Retailers, Voluntarily

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In what is a rare move for Apple, the Cupertino-based company has decided to pull the iPad from some online retailers in China. This is until the company can settle the trademark dispute between themselves and ProView, who holds the iPad trademark in China.

Apple has hard a hard time in mainland China, because of the trademark dispute, but it has been said by authorities that they are unlikely to ban the tablet’s sales, ProView has been successfully ending sales of iPads at some locations.

However, ProView seems to want quite a bit more than to just stop the iPad sales in mainland China, if Electronista’s report is accurate:

A complete ban on iPad import or export, as ProView is demanding, would amount to a global ban since the majority of iPads are made in Shenzen by Foxconn. ProView also wants a $1.6 billion payment for use of the name “iPad” in China. A district court in the country has held that ProView owns the rights to the name, but the company has fallen on hard times and is seen to be betting on the court case to save it from bankruptcy.

Let’s hope this stuff is settled quickly.

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